Sunday, 18 December 2011

Mix it up.

This is just going to be a random entry full of mixed blah.

First - I MUST do wedding stuff. I need to at least create the invites!!

Next Topic, I read in a magazine yesterday that 80% of people lie in their facebook status' to make their lives seem more interesting… So I decided to go through my status' to see if I fall into that 80%.
These are my last few status'

Booo, I just want to blog and the home Internet won't work. Blah.
I was at home, had some things I wanted to blog about and our home internet is always bipolar.

- Foods!!!
I was out to breakfast with haveachat and was really excited about getting my breakfast foods!

Everything is annoying me today, helllooooo grinchface!
Half True.
Maybe not everything was annoying me but someone had really irritated me. 
Wineee! Nom nom nom.

Other peoples kebabs smell so good right now
Caught the train home with only 3o seconds to spare and someone had an Ispa kebab and it smelt amazing!

Way too addicted to Teen Mom
Ugh I love that show, although it occasionally makes me want to cry. I can't believe I didn't know Farrah's ex boyfriend had died in a car crash, no wonder she was so mean to her mum and wanted to go out all the time she was probably traumatised & Amber, oh goddddd HOW THE EFF did she get THAT thin?????? Yup addicted and hanging for more. 
I used to be thin… I used to be. Gah would LOVE to be this size again… just with a tan and my extensions and fashion sense. 

Ok other topics. Friday night I just chilled out at home, Tallboy had a bromance date with his brother and I just wanted to relax. Had a shockingly disgusting meal that i'd pre-frozen and watched bad tv. My kind of Friday night (except if you're going out at the Kite, I miss going there. I'm thinking of trying to start going there a lot more in the coming few months.)

Saturday morning haveachat and I went shopping, I got contact lenses and she did some last minute christmas shopping. Then we went to a delicious breakfast. Saturday afternoon, Tallboy, Lovechild, her brother and I went up to the city and out for her brothers girlfriends birthday. It was a really fun night. We went out for dinner at a burger bar, drank delicious wine, re-visited my shocking dance moves from single life and then Tallboy and I walked the streets until we managed to find a taxi to get us to the train station. 

Today I haven't done much, I did some food shopping, watched teen mom and made pizzas for dinner. I did also put an offer on for a house! The cutesy homely one I love. Just hoping the owner will come down to our budget. Fingers crossed!! 

 Last week I also became too addicted to Coke, no, not the crackwhore kind, the sugary liquid gold kind. I had it three times for breakfast last week, it made me so happy that i'd even go into work and just talk to Memma about it, I'd just happily throw it into any sentence 'I'm happy since I had my breakfast coke this morning.' 'Don't worry, I had breakfast coke at 7am this morning.' 'oh I didn't get a breakfast coke today :(' you know the usual addicted kind of banter one gets when they can't get enough of breakfast coke.

So yeah that's my random boring update for now. 
Not much wedding stuff yet again. I seriously am freaking out about all the stuff I haven't arranged yet. And the Money oh god, someone win me some money. 

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