Monday, 12 December 2011

Happy, happy Pandaaaaa

Ok so I haven't talked about what makes me a happy panda in a while so I thought it would be nice to do a post :)

First off that photo, ha, how could it not just brighten your day immediately? Lovely!

Since I've been house shopping I am just so excited to get my ideas into the house and make it as homely as ever. I can't wait to find a home and make it mine. I especially can't wait to have a garden. I want the front yard full of Lithianthus flowers and pink roses maybe even some lavendar. I want a little herb garden and hanging pots. I want to have fresh flowers that I throw effortlessly into glass jars instead of vases, I want rustic cutesy accessories. I am SO excited!

Scrubs and Harry Potter, won't get over it. Just love it. 

Emma Stone 
She's so pretty and funny, I think she's officially become my number one girl crush, sorry Zooey but you had your chance. Ow, why I no have bug eyes :( stupid almond eyes. 

My Gianttttttttt

I don't think I can express how much I love this boy. He just makes everything feel right. 
Such a good giant. 

Also something that makes me irrationally happy is cherries and grapes! Green, seedless grapes. They are so delicious.

Anyway it's 8.24pm and I'm a tired nana. I want to upload more photos but i've been so bad with instagram since changing iphones.

Will do an update about the wedding soon.

Updates to come-
wedding make up idea
tailored suit
wedding band

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