Sunday, 4 December 2011

Moving right along

So aside from that ridic little emotional bleeding heart entry, let's move right along to the other amazing shit overtaking my life right now.

Thursday night I went out for dinner noms with the work girls to say goodbye to Stacey who is knocked up, ready to pop and resigned. So we went to dinner and had a lovely time. I now like another wine, yay for me! We all ate way too much delicious curry and left feeling very full. Then Memma and I went to buy a few things, then Lou lost her keys but we eventually found them. Then I went home and snoozed for 7 hours until work.


Friday night Tallboy and I went to the city for another work dinner with a different department from work, we finally got up there half an hour late and drank many delicious long island ice teas, then we turned into mexicans and continued our merry way out in Northbridge. Tallboy and I went home relatively early and then I fell over and cried.


Saturday I went to lovechilds house and hung out with her for a bit, then went to the beach with Tallboy and our dogs. Then we just bummed around and got some movies and ate bad food (of course). I know it's totes loserish but seriously… New FAVE movie! Watch it!
Oh brown haired actor that I couldn't be bothered googling, you are beautiful and so pretty to look at but you will still never be Heath Ledger in 10 things I hate about you or Penn Badgely from John Tucker Must Die.


This morning I went to breakfast with friends and then to Stacey's baby shower. It was a lovely day. I sucked at ALL of the baby shower games. Then Tallboy and I went and looked at houses, none of them were 'the one' :( so the search will continue until I find something that feels homely and suits my ideas. I came home for an hour or so then went out to dinner and more wine (!) with Memma! Was delicious.

Now I've just made a few lunches for work (doing protein this week - time to get thin again) and am just relaxing until I have to drag myself to work tomorrow. :(

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