Sunday, 11 December 2011

Lumos! Accio Firebolt! Wingardium LeviOooSa!

So I spent quite a lot of my weekend being a nerd and I LOVED it! What an amazing way to unwind and feel happy being cheap and staying. I spent a fair bit of time watching Harry Potter again, it just makes me happy. It really does. I think aside from Scrubs, Harry Potter really is something I can watch over and over and still love, although I am missing Year 1, 5 and Year 7 part two on DVD but i'll buy those later and will start it all again. :)

Yayyyyy Ron and Hermione

Anyway so Saturday went to the shops with Haveachat and we had lunch it was awesome to catch up, I got over shopping very quickly, sif have massive crowds, sif! Then I came home and before I knew it Memma came and picked me up to go and look at the house. I really like the house, I am arranging to go through it again, it's really cute, homely, neat and I really feel that I could make it something special. So hopefully TB likes it. Then Memma and I were going to go the the casino but our plans fell through so we had a movie night and hung out.

Today I came home and did some boring house stuff then Lovechild came over, we looked at another house and then went to a delicious lunch. Came home and watched some Harry Potter and just caught up on things, it was a great sunday. Then TB came home from a bucks weekend and now we're going to hang out and watch a DVD… and by DVD I mean Harry Potter :D I'm so happy.

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