Tuesday, 27 September 2011


I can't wait to get married now!
I still have so much to do, I wish I wouldn't procrastinate so much.
I'm so exhausted right now.
I haven't gone to the gym at all this week. I could not get out of bed yesterday morning and this morning i'd had a shocking sleep. i've been doing shakes pretty well but still eating one meal a day, yes this week I broke down a bit and binged on junk but it was due to being tired and doing the wrong thing to try and get sugar highs to keep me motivated.
Anyway I'm going to try and go tomorrow morning but this weather is shocking and I can feel myself perhaps being a little reluctant. I think that if I get the good sleep that I've been yearning for I should be ok. Some of my clothes have started to be a bit smaller and my legs aren't as disgusting as they've previously been, I could step into my wedding gown instead of having to have it put on over my head. So there are some good changes. I just need to get back on my motivation train.
toooottttt toootttttt (or whatever noise trains make etc)

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