Thursday, 15 September 2011

Get your freakout on

Oh sheeeeeeettttt.
The wedding is roughly 7 months away.
Time to freak out.
No wedding bands.
No marquee.
No decorations.
No suits.
No cake.
No favours.
No invites.
No seating list.
hahaha and it goes on. I am freaking out. Oh dearrrrrr.
I just wish it were all done, my budget is through the roof and honestly it doesn't have the 'dream' wedding items on it, no luxurious silks or chandeliers for the marquee, no amazing garden chairs, no floral decorations (only bouquets), no excessive expensive champagnes and no live entertainment. How does it blow out soooooo much!?! I'm just hoping my equations are completely inaccurate… but I don't think they are.
All I want at the moment is too book our engagement shoot, I want to get dolled up and scrub up Tallboy and go into caversham and have gorgeous photos taken in tall grass, BUTTTT I don't want to look back at photos of me as a fatty. I've only lost 3.3kg, It's taking forever and I've lost motivation. It's hard. I know whinge whinge whinge. My life is SO hard (I'm being sarcastic there) I just have some really cute ideas for the engagement shoot but I honestly don't want photos of me being this big. I also don't want engagement photos too close to the wedding. So I'm needing to book it in the next two months. Sheeessshhhhhh.

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