Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Just a quickie blog tonight because I'm tired and can't particularly see at the moment (woke up this morning with my eyes stuck together, had a shower and they were ok but my contact lenses wouldn't sit on cornea properly so had to wear glasses - better not be conjunctivitis) my eyes ended up ok for majority of the day, but then driving home from dinner and my left eye was drying out and became hard to see out of. It's ok at the moment now.

So I dropped off a costume for Twinners Hen's night on Saturday night to my partner in crime, then rushed to dinner with Harry Potter. I had a great time with Harry, she laughed at me while I ate myself silly with terrible dinner manners and I hopefully helped her de-stress about uni. I love my Harry Potter.

Anyway, enough about that. I haven't blogged properly about our wedding plans for ages…. and guess what?!?!
It's not going to start up again now. Lol. Sucks to be you if you wanted a decent update.

This is our update:
We might have found a DJ. MIL found one that sounds really amazing.. now that i'm writing this I think I may have already mentioned it… (Note to self, read previous entries before writing new blogs) Anyway he sounds good, his website looks really professional and he's affordable. I think we should get him. Will have to look at his website again when my eyes don't hurt so much. But if we have the DJ done, then all we have to do is get staff etc which MIL can do and then the set up and decorations and then I don't have to think about itttttttttttt.


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