Monday, 26 September 2011

Wedding Posttttttt

Yay finally a wedding post!!!

Twinner and Grae Grae got married on Saturday and it was the most perfect wedding ever! Oh my goodness, it has put so much in perspective for our big day and I am so pleased that two of my oldest friends allowed me to be a part of their life after me being absent in theres for a few too many years.

The day was absolutely perfect, I just can not use any other word for it. They had a ceremony in a beautiful park, the weather had been terrible all week but the sun came out especially for them on their day. The park was next to a beautiful lake with a picturesque fountain and a feature bridge. Twinner came over the bridge and stunned us all with her gorgeous glowing smile in a glorious dress that clung to her model frame perfectly. All of the boys were wearing kilts and everyone was just stunned to see the two of them together. Kylie and I got so emotional during the vows and everyone was moved. You could not ask for a more matched couple.

After the ceremony while Twinner and Grae Grae went for photos, some of the guests and I went to the local pub to have a few drinks and start to get merry. I had an absolute blast. I only knew a handful of the guests but they all welcomed me with open arms and made me so included what wonderful people. Then I drove a few of us to my house and TB took us to the reception.

The reception was perfect, everything was white with simple colours and feature centre pieces that had the right dash of colour.  I dubbed our table the rowdy table as we clearly had the best guests ever seated with us.

The food was awesome and champagne flowed. We had a potato and leek soup for starter it was amazing! (Sorry guys at my wedding, No Soup For You! - haha we can't afford starters.) Then the main was a buffet type selection and my god, It had the BEST ceasar salad of my life! It was sooooo good, so good in fact that when Matt had left his seat his boyfriend and I decided to steal his salad and eat it all to ourselves. It was delish! Then desert was some coffee cake or something was far too drunk at that stage to have any food ettiquite and Matt got payback and stole mine anyway.

During this time there were highlarious speeches and Grae Grae's mum sang a song that Grae had written for Twinner it was amazing!! It sounded soooo good and I wish I could have heard Grae's version.

After that all the dancing occured and we all let loose! It was the best time ever. Everyone had a great time there was no drama, just good times and excellent company.

It went sooo fast, it made me sad how fast it went. I had to leave earlier than I would have liked because otherwise I would have been stranded there but I just wish that it could happen all over again.

Congratulations Twinner and Grae, you both deserve all the happiness in the world but now that you're married I'm pretty sure you already have it.

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