Friday, 16 September 2011


Oh god, how freaky.
I was looking at the Love love love song by Avalanche City, and then I went onto youtube for 'Somebody that I used to Know' By Gotye because I LOVE that song and needed to hear it, and also as I know Harry Potter and I will sing it on our roadtrip to get my wedding dress tomorrow (Harry sings Kimbra's lines) anywhooooo and this song DOES remind me of someone that I used to know and what's even freakier is that Goyte looks like the person the song reminds me of (just a friend, never a boyfriend or anything for those of you playing at home) but man sooo freakkyyyyy, so now I can't watch it because it scares me but dang, tomorrow in the car I'm sooo singing my parts amazing. Harry better get her singing voice on. Woo. I wish I could put a picture of Gotye and then a picture of the friend up here but that may be considered a little stalkerish. sooooo freaky.

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