Monday, 12 September 2011

Updattttteeeeee Dayyyyy

It's been a while since my last blog and again I forgot to read my last post to keep me updated on where i've been what i've been up to etc. Anyway hectic crazy few days lately.

Ok, So Thurs morning Tallboy left for Melbourne for the footy finals on a boys weekend only type thing (wasn't the happiest about it, earlier in the week, purely as I have wanted to go to Melb with him for months, anyway, he agreed to buy me a present or two so that sweetened the deal) so he left and I went to work. Friday night came home to a parcel at my door step. It was my wedding banners!!! They are beautiful, I adoreeeee them. Oh my goodness. They're just perfect 'country, rustic, romantic' just bliss, love love love them. So happy. Also chose the song I want to walk down the Aisle to, I just love it! See below - perfect and so me. 

Then I asked my friend to come round for some drinks and we caught up, little miss have a chat is what I will call her, she's a great girl. She stayed around til about 1am and then I had to pike because I had Twinners hen's night the next night. 

Saturday woke up and did some last minute things around the house, spent about an hour trying to find my knee high socks for my 1920's pin up costume for the hens party. Got to my Partner in crimes house and got ready. I met one of her good friends there Kylie. Kylie was lovely so friendly and sweet and we got on so well. It was set to be a wicked night. 

At the Hen's party everyone had made an amazing effort and dressed up, Twinner looked stunning and Partner in Crime pulled of the Sailor Girl Costume so well. We all drank a few cocktails and then had a burlesque dance lesson which was lots of fun, then we headed to Freo in a stretch limo and went to an amazing burlesque show. It was fantastic. The night ended rather early which was a bit of a shame as I was hoping to have a big one, but I ended up home safe and sound and that is always the best ending to a night.

Partner, Twinner and I 

Partner and Kylie

Partner and I 

In the morning as I didn't have Tallboy, I wasn't sure how i'd get my car. Luckily the gorgeous Harry Potter was able to take me to pick it up and we ended up having a fantastic breakfast. It was delicious and I made Harry a fan of Hollandaise sauce (best sauce ever!) Also my best friend from QLD called me and we had a quick catch up chat, it was awesome to talk to her after so long. 

Then after that I spent the rest of the day dying. It was a good weekend, took some really nice photos and had a good laugh. 

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