Sunday, 4 September 2011

Ok, so it's updateeee dayyyy

What a crazy busy week at work last week. Whew, it was intense, great to be so busy but very, very fragmented and unorganised for someone who is a P.A, my bad.

So after my crazy busy week, Friday night I chilled out. 
I rushed to a 5.30pm RPM class and then rushed home to shower, then rushed to my spray tan appointment (My spray tan lady is obsessed with my butt, because it doesn't have that 'crease' type thing, at first I thought it was weird but now I have a new found appreciation for my derriere, so thanks Jo.), then I finally got home at 8 and then at 8.30pm by the time i'd made dinner I was able to sit down and relax. Was a longggg day. All I did after that was read a magazine and watched bad t.v.

Saturday I woke up early and did general annoying housey type things, washing, dishes etc. Then I headed to my date with my partner in crime, we ended up in the city a little later than usual but that was fine. I got two HOT dresses, one is just amazing. It's got a plunging neckline, (perfect for my fakies) and it's got cut out material at the back and it's draping at the front it's sooo good for an hour glass figure that I'm rocking at the moment. Then the other one is a Bardot bandage dress a beige/light pink colour with a black bow around the waist - it's my project dress, right now it does look O.K on but if I keep up with healthy eating and RPM I feel in another month it will look wonderful on. So I'm very happy with my purchases. 
Fav moment of the day was when I lost my Burberry sunglasses, I was walking out of Myer and I was looking in my bag for my sunglasses and I couldn't find them. I was like, 'Shit, Chloe i've lost my sunglasses' so Chloe was so good and patiently walked me back to a few destinations and we asked at a few counters and checked the change rooms and then Chloe said, 'Ok retrace your steps, where else could they be?' so I explained where they could have been and I said 'When I tried on that last dress I hung them half on this side of my bag like…….' and then as I said that and showed Chloe my bag there they were, ummm FAIL! ahaha I felt like an idiot. Such a douche bag.  After that we went to a pub for a meal then headed home. 

Then I had to get ready for the SBL (State basketball league) wind up for TB and his friends (TB used to play SBL for four years, he quit last year and started footy this year) so that was lots of fun, I honestly had such a big day that all I did want to do was sit in my fat pants and have an early night. Once we were at the stadium it was fine, we just drank and chatted with everyone there. We got home at about 1amish. 

Then today, Sunday I spent majority of the day dying (the usual for me after a night of drinking.) Went to see my dad for Fathers day, then went to TB's dad's for fathers day, we all went to a park with TB's family and took all of our rough collie dogs to play it was wicked weather. Then we had a picnic and ate delicious kiwi fruits and chocolate cake. Then headed home.

It's been a busy weekend. 

I have decided that I will not be going to the gym each morning anymore, I do just get too warn out, I am going to do the three RPM Classes this week and I will weigh myself, if there is no difference I will go back to the mornings and nights, but If I do manage to lose some weight I will just stick with 3 RPMS a week. 

September is already crazy busy for me, I am catching up with Harry Potter on Tuesday night, then this Saturday is Twinners Hen's Day and Night, Then Saturday the 17th is He's-not-heavy-he's-my-brother's engagement party and then the 24th (following saturday) is Twinners wedding!!! SOOO Busy.

Also today did talk to the MIL (Mother in law) more about the wedding which made me feel better, and this blog was supposed to be in regards to that talk, but I've already blogged too much and now you'll all be bored. 

I'm thirsty.

The end. 

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