Thursday, 22 September 2011

Positive Pat

Seeeee, I told you all to let me dwell and then I'd be ok, Didn't I?, Didnnn''tttttt Iiiii!?

Today was a GOOD day! I got up went to the gym and stuck to my routine, got to work had a shake. People told me that I looked nice today, which is always sweet. Then had a bit of work to do and actually kind of got a small victory from my boss finally signing off on a request - not training related - a software program that would make my life a lot easier and storage near my desk a lot neater, so I was happy about that, but then when I asked him if he thought I was highlarious (I'm seriously SO funny) he said that I was about 'as funny as cancer' um SIFFFFFFF. I told him off for saying that.


I am not a debbie downer today but I'm still directionless and don't know what I want to do.

In other news -

I don't really have a wedding update, just that we've decided not to have the reception fall straight after the ceremony, TB's family can stay and drink and then our other guests can go off and do their own thing for a few hours and come back. Makes me feel a lot better as I didn't have any entertainment planned.

Apart from that I'm going to dinner with TB tonight and I am sooo excited to attack the salad bar, those mini dinner bread rolls are mine!

I'm going to an amazing wedding on Saturday, I am going to take a trillion photos and I've also decided that in general I need to start taking more photos, I can't wait to get an iPhone5 as I still have the 3 :(.

Yay for a happy day and it almost being the weekend.

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