Saturday, 1 October 2011


Sooo, I was meant to blog last night but our internet was down and I was so enthused to blog I had so much to write about and now of course my goldfish memory has kicked in and I have no idea about what I was going to blog.

TB and I have been working on our guest list for the wedding so that has been good, we have both come to conclusion that writing a guest list is actually pretty hard. We have great friends and it's quite hard to ensure that you remember everyone. So far going back over the guest list I've missed out one of TB's cousins, one of TB's closest friends, two of my cousins, two close friends and two aunties and uncles. So had to go back and recalculate all that, the list ended up being 150 people. So we are going to definitely do a cull, we're just going to have to be selfish. For me I tend to think too much and not want to hurt anyones feelings and then on the other hand I keep thinking if I wasn't invited to one of my cousins or aunty's or uncle's wedding would I care? and honestly, the answer is no. It's horrible but i'm at an age now where I love my extended family I do, but I don't see them, I'm at an age where I'm focusing on starting my life with my future husband and he and my immediate family matter most to me. So i'm sure whoever we don't invite wouldn't even care. I hope.

Then I did mock up guest seating with all of the initial 150 that is also quite hard. I'm sure it will get much easier as soon as we have RSVP's received and stuff like that.

I also really really need to get my butt moving with the wedding invites that I want made. On (oh my god love that website) there is a chick who makes stamps from photos of you and your lover or stamps of whatever you want. So I need to pick some cute pics of TB and I to send off and get made and I need to take some money out of our wedding account to pay for them as they aren't cheap.

Thennnnn I also started making a music list for the playlist for the DJ. Tip for future brides if you love top 40 music or tracks they play in clubs. Use google all I did was go through google and type 'Australia top 40 hits 2011' then I also put in month and changed the year. I got 50 songs so far and half of them I had forgotten that I'd loved. So happy with that. I am so clever! *snaps for me*

Also at our venue we have room for 20 guests to stay so I put a room plan together for who can stay where and i'm pretty happy with that. I have done the best I could with it.

hrmm whatelse? I also met up with my Pa earlier in the week for some dinner and he's going to help me make really cute signs for the wedding venue to hammer into the grounds. I want one to say 'Our Adventure starts here' and then have one pointing to the bar saying 'Bar, get loose' or something cute. We'll also hire a marquee it'll be too hard to try and get everything set up without many helpers.

I still need to find a make up artist, figure out how or who can pick up my wedding flowers, get the guys suits, get the dolls shoes, get bar staff, get all the alcohol, get the favours, get the tables and chairs, get all of the centrepieces sorted, get the invites done and a million other little things but i'm feeling a lot better about things at the moment. I feel as though Twinners wedding being so perfect and relaxed and simply gorgeous really made me feel so blessed to have found TB and have him let me do what I think will make our day special. I'm starting to get excited and it's a nice feeling.


In other news, my goldfish memory has struck again because I did have something else to go on about other than Emma Stone (Emma Stone post coming soon - god I love her she's such a vixen!)

Damn yeah it's gone I really can't remember...

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