Tuesday, 11 October 2011


I went out on an impromptu last minute dinner date with my coworker Memma, we ate way too much food but had a good catch up and she made me feel better about my dilemmas etc. Then I came home and washed my hair and now I can't be bothered drying or straightening it.
I also can't be bothered shredding my skin off of my bones to get my fake tan off to apply a fresh nice one and tonight my chipped polish is going to stay chipped polish (esp. as Harry Potter borrowed my quickdry prostitute red colour one) 
I have written a few times about how great extensions, tans and manicures are, I haven't mentioned one other thing… maintenance, maintaing that shit is annoying - FACT!
It takes time to make yourself look 'pulled' together and tonight I am not going to be bothered with this. 
My house is also a bomb site. Cleaning is not a priority in my life - FACT! However, having a messy house drives me insane - FACT! So, I think I might try to do a tidy… if I can be bothered…. in a minute…or 29million…….
I like to say FACT, - FACT!!!

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