Saturday, 1 October 2011

Girl Crush Alert

Ok So I occasionally get girl crushes I think all girls do. My fav girl crush has always been Zooey Deschanel, gosh I love her. I think I just love alternate, unique, quirky, odd ball girls with bug eyes that are actresses who make you feel so connected to them during movies. It's like Zooey in Yes Man, she's just that awesome girl that has the mystique and charm to her. It's like a girl you wish you could be. I couldn't be mysterious if I were wearing an eye patch and an invisibility cloak at the same time, i'd just be invisible and move stuff. Anyway that was random…

I still love Zooey, but I just can't get enough of Emma Stone. I luff her, L-U-F-F just luff her. She is fantastic. I've watched heaps of her movies and have watched youtube clips of her and she's just someone who seems so collected and genuine. Anyway I think it's stupid to say that sort of thing about a movie star, I think it sounds superficial to say they seem so down to earth as if I know her. So back to not being so deluded. Here are some pretty pictures of my girl crush, swooonn. Ohhh check out those bug eyes. I have stupid small almond eyes. BUT I am grateful for them and eyesight (even though my eyes are lame and don't even see good.)

Anyway I need to get back into the gym on Monday hardcore (didn't go once last week) and I need to start feeling better about myself especially coming into summer.


My top tips for myself feeling better.
1. I will go back to the gym - Yes I hate the gym but I need to go and RPM is enjoyable for 14 minutes before the torture begins.
2. Buy some new clothes - I had a gift voucher so I bougth some cute shorts, and must have accessories - Iphone cover in an amazing turquoise bluey green, same with earrings (same colour) and another pair of coral coloured ones.
3. Getting my hair done - My friend is a hair dresser doing it on the cheap, so I'm getting my hair dyed, cut and the addition of extensions for length next week.
4. Faking it - Fake tans - I will still love them. I need to buy some spray on because going to my lady is adding up.
5. Faking it - PART TWO - Fake Lashes - I'm finally a real girl!!! I have mastered the art of putting on fake lashes.. (and by mastered I mean I've done it twice and it's worked!! YAYYYY I'm so Profesh (professional)
6. Music - Happy music. Love, Love, Love - by avalanche city. Somebody that I used to know - Gotye, Jessies Girl - Rick Springfield. anything that makes you want to sing, laugh or dance… or do impromptu duets with Harry Potter and then you have a winner (Gotye is def out song.)

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