Thursday, 4 August 2011

Updateeeee Dayyyyyyyy

Ok so I actually went to the gym! I know, crazyyyyyyy hey?
Anyway, I went at 6am yesterday, then 6pm yesterday for a P.T session (Yes twice in one day crazyyy hey!) then this morning at 6am.

So this is currently my routine as of two days ago:

Wake up at 5.40 am.
Snooze til 5.45am.
Put in contact lenses and brush my teeth and grab my work clothing for after the gym.
Drive to the gym and get there at 6am.
Get on the equipment by 6.03am and work out until 6.35am.
Then limp, crawl, zombie struggle to the change rooms, hop into the last cubical, forget soap, go to the sink and have to get handwash soap (hahahahaha) then walk back to the teeny tiny cubical, get nekkid, shower without getting my hair wet. Then have to grab my towel shimmy around the teeny tiny cubical's again. Then I open the door and I try and half get dressed in the cubical and then half in the more open area whilst using my towel as shield, then finally manage to get clothed.
Then at 6.53amish get to the sink and do all of my cakeface makeup and thennnnnnnn I chuck my hair into the quickest messy bun ever!
Then I hobble back to reception get my car keys and am on the road for 7am and I get to work JUST on time. UGHHHHH it's hard work!

THEN, I work a 9 hour day and drive home.

Tonight I got a spray tan but tomorrow 6am i'll be back at that gym.

I'm going to try and go every morning at 6am and then maybe additional times a week in the pm to do classes. Right now my legs are burning and yesterday I couldn't feel my kneecaps.

So this wasn't a very weddingy blog today.

I've basically hit a procrastination wall. I don't know where to restart or what to do. I don't have time or access at work, I don't have excel at home for spreadsheets, we don't have much money in the joint account and I just don't know how to stay on top of it without excel spreadsheets to set up a proper budget on. I made a wedding file which has helped but I'm also really tired after work.

So far I have 2 out of 3 bridesmaid dresses.
We have a venue.
An amazing photographer (seriously go look
The main food... I think
My Dress
A guest list
A celebrant

off the top of my head we still need
the 3rd bridesmaid dress
all suits
groom suit aswell
and just about everything else.


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