Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Today's sorry excuse of an entry

So I went to the doctors again, my viral infection from 2 months ago has returned and although I thought I was at the end of it's course throughout the day i've gotten progressively worse. I feel shocking. FML. My doctor has given me until Friday off, but i'm such a guilty person, I feel bad when I have time off work for sick days even though I'm genuinely sick, I've always been like this. So I'm hoping that I can go back on Thursday, I doubt i'll be better tomorrow especially feeling like this, I feel heavy, lethargic, as if i've been hit by a bus, my cough is still rather pathetic but has explosions of furious hoarse coughing fits. Wow, living the life right now.

ALSO i'm soooo upset because tomorrow there is a course I REALLY wanted to go on for work but I can't because of this stupid infection. The next course isn't until next year. :( Lame.

I also hate, Hueys cooking. I love cooking shows, but this guy makes my skin crawl. You're not friendly and bubbly Huey, You are annoying. Stop talking.

I think I had a point to the this post before I went on my little whinge update.

I can't remember what it is. I think it was just about how much being sick sucks.

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