Sunday, 21 August 2011

Too much time on my hands and not enough money in them.

I've had a fairly quiet weekend, admittedly it is due to still being a bit under the weather.  It's been a nice weekend though.

Today I woke up after a really strange dream and texted Kelly from work to see if she and some other girls were going to breakfast, she messaged me back and told me that they'd just walked in and that they'd wait for me. I had a quick shower and caked my face up and went down to the local pub for a nice breakfast Kelly, Maz and I all got eggs benedict, it was delicious. It's one of my favourite breakfast meals of all time. I will also never get over the eggs benedict I had in L.A and the taste of the buttermilk ultimate pancakes that Tallboy had. Oh soo nice.

Anyway we only had a quick catch up but it was really nice to see them outside of work, I work with some really lovely people.

Then I came back home and basically have not stopped, We took our dogs for a walk (and also took TB's parents dog, Zali, as we are dogsitting while they are in Bali) to the local park and they had a great time.  Cuteeeeee puppas! (Took the photo using the hipsmatic app on my iphone)
Then we came back from that and I took down all of the washing, I made up a bed in the spare bedroom just to make the house look nicer and not like such a crack den with a bare abandoned mattress. Then I put a fresh set on our bed, I tidied our room, did the bathroom, vaccumed our room and I decided that now TB and I are aiming to get a house and I am no longer allowed to buy clothing, that If I sell clothes on ebay i'll be allowed to buy new clothes from that money. Go me. So I listed a wholeeeeee pile of clothes on ebay. There is a dress I absolutely need to buy though, so I do have to get that as my 'last' dress before I start saving, so I'm buying that on Tuesday. 

So now my wardrobe is soooo neat and pretty. I'll be happy to hopefully get rid of a few items that I wore once and regretted buying. *note to self, stop buying off the rack, try EVERYTHING on and love it before buying it!

My new pretty wardrobe

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