Saturday, 27 August 2011

Aye… Ayee Captain Yellow Shirt

So being as popular as I am you'd all be totes shocked that I'm home alone on a Saturday night. Ha, man what a lieee, I honestly only have about 5 gorgeous girl friends that are from different groups so catching up with them all at once is fairly limited.
I see them all fairly regularly and I will go out with them and their friends when we hit the town and it's always a blast and I like all of their friends so much, but tonight I had nothing to do, I have been extremely bored for the last few hours with nothing to do and no one in particular to call and TB is just chilling at his friends with the footy (which I definitely passed on going to)

So I have finally taken action… Solo girls night in, for one.

Beauty makeover
Face Mask, YSL Beauty sleep skin care regime and new fresh polish on the nails. 

Steve Carell is the funniest guy on the planet and this movie makes me happy all the time. I also love Paul Rudd so it's just so easy to watch. 
Best scene ever:

and perhaps I might finally get a good read. I bought this book about 3 months ago and haven't even read the first page (haven't seen the movie and don't want to)

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