Tuesday, 23 August 2011


F.Y.I - This is another, not too weddingy blog - it's weight related, which technically is wedding related as I want to lose 10 - 15kg in time for my wedding.

ANYWAY, Yes I know 15kg is a lot, but people have done it and more, I can do it. I've never quite had this mentality or drive before, I know it's early days, but once again i'm trying and what's most important is that i've found an exercise class that I enjoy, RPM.

To try and help me get to my exposed collarbones and snapable wrists anno bride weight, I am currently going to the gym Mon - Fri for 30minutes a day, am also going back on Mon and Wed nights for an hour RPM class, i've only done this two weeks so far, but i'm trying hard to stay motivated. Tonight I created a weight and exercise tracker on my excel (finally got one for my mac book) and i'm going to keep that update, I'm still also doing low calories as best I can… Although I can NOT stop thinking about this….

First off - I know it's probably like 1033493489328 calories BUT the McFeast is my favourite burger of all time (apart from finding a burger place when I was hungover as hell and having the most amazing burger of my life, but I can't find that place anymore :( ) P.S it has about 570 calories in one burger HAHAHAHA ohhhhhh obesity noms AND they've brought back shaker fries!!! I haven't had those since I was like, 10?!  I just need to eat this meal once, and then I'll be able to be strong and not eat it again for about, hrm, i'd say 3 months. So in the long run, I'm helping myself if I eat it this weekend and get it over and done with. I'm good at being persuasive hey? 

Anyway, so this blog was really about the McFeast, but it was totes worth it. 
….. I may have just txt'd TB with a subliminal message telling him to get them for me… and by subliminal I mean I sent him a message and all it was was: 'Mcfeast and shaker fries' Ohhhh yeahhh my plannn is sooo working…….. Probably not, but hey on Saturday that burger won't know what inhaled it.
Ohh yeahhhh.

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