Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Every part of me hurts.

I am aching, oh god I hurt right now. I did Spin class tonight and it's already starting to hurt (Was horrible during the actual class, my thighs were on fire! Let's hope they melt away)

I am so exhausted, I can't even remember what I was going to blog about, probably something un-wedding related like usual. Yeah, ok, my mind is blown and i'm completely blanking on my topic right now, well that sucks.

Anyway here's a list of things that make me feel good about myself when I feel fat (Perhaps a little guidance to other chubbies out there that haven't yet stumbled across my top 5.)


1.) Eating bad food.
1.) Top Tip: Get a Spray Tan (If you are pale, no offence to my chocolate bears out there but you're already blessed with good pigmentation.) Spray Tans are amazing! They cost around $35, take 15 minutes in a beauty salon and you look 10kg lighter after having one. They just make you look healthy (of course, I'm saying this because I go to a professional and I never look orange or streaky - so shop around) If you don't have time or that much money, go to the shops and get le tan in a can it's amazing for a temp tan.
2.) Hair Extensions: They are gorgeous. Long, lush hair is just amazing, you can style it so many more ways than short hair and you can get clip ins off eBay or in most shops quite cheaply. They often given more structure and definition to your face shape and depending on style can help bring out striking bone and facial definition that you might not have even known that you have!
3.) Fake Eyelashes: (Yes, I know the first 3 things on this list are all fake, but hey, us chubbies have to fake it until we make it to skinnytown.) So Fake lashes, they bring so much more attention to your eyes and take the focus away from your body! PERFECT. eBay again is perfect for this, you can get boxes of 50 for about $20.
4.) Baggy Clothing: It's stupid but comfort clothing or cute lose black dresses with colourful accessories really work.
5.) Scrubs: Apart from this being the best show in the world EVER x 13434809380283092839028, taking your mind off of your issues and making yourself laugh is really a key thing, stop beating yourself up and laugh at some of the best lines ever written. peanutbetterreddirt!!!

Theeee Endddd.

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