Saturday, 27 August 2011


TB and I really need more photos together.
We don't have that many at all and the ones we do have, I don't like myself in. It makes me sad. I'm going have to get snapping the next few times we are doing something fun or even if we're at home being cute.

The following are from our contiki tour last December, majority of them I don't actually like. I don't like what I'm wearing, I don't like how my hair is ratty and I don't like my make up. This drastically needs improvement. Might get snapping and do an update in a few weeks.

Below: Train station in Germany, terrible angle, yukky.

Below: Kissing near the fountains in Rome! Cuteish but we set it too close and had the colour setting wrong.

Below: Another one we got a friend to take, Uh Oh a water smudge on the lense. Haha fail!

Below: See our heigh difference? Hahah who ever took this was very off centre.

Below: Us very hungover in Florence, More myself who was the hungover one. I hate how fat that grey jacket makes me look, would definitely be using my beige or black trench coats as a fashion choice in future.

Below: Us on the river boat in Pari! Pretending to be getting proposed to, not actually realising that TB would be proposing 2 weeks later.

Below: Me breaking TBs back by jumping on him.

Below: Probably only one of the photos I like of us, good hair, make up, outfit and setting. Perfect colour combinations.

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