Wednesday, 1 February 2012

What a suprise

What a surprise.
I am absolutely exhausted again. 
This weekend I am doing absolutely nothing! 
Ok… I will do a few wedding things, but apart from that it's going to be a saturday and sunday full of napping. 

Today I worked pretty well, slowing getting there, I feel like my self esteem isn't good enough for meeting my candidates at the moment, I def feel that it would improve if I lost weight and if I were prettier but can't change my face so need to change my weight, anyway met a candidate, had my review, a lot of updating and changing files, I came home, did washing, cooked dinner, cleaned the bathroom, hung up washing and cleaned the dishes, got fuel, emailed and discussed fixing the wedding invites, paid deposit for decor and painted my nails a prostitute red. I'm supposed to straighten my hair now but stuff it, i'm going to bed. 

I will get back into blogging later, when i'm not such a nanna. 

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