Monday, 6 February 2012

sad face

Ugh, I have lost my motivation today.
I just feel sad, and not for any particular reason.
I think I'm just tired.

We move it our little love nest in a few weeks and hopefully that will be a bit of a pick me up, finally after our many years together of his house, my house, this house, that house, we will be in ourrrrr housey. I can't wait for it to be our home, to cherish and to create everlasting memories in.

Work is going well, I go to TAFE tomorrow for my introductory course which I'm excited and nervous for, I just keep trying to improve my confidence. I hope that when I lose a bit more weight and have been in my  role a month or so longer that I will be really focused and ready to take on any challenges.

I'm going to bed, i'm over this entry and i'm hungry. blah.

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