Thursday, 2 February 2012

Wakey Wakey!!!

The wake up call.
Everyone has them.
I think the first thick smack in the face happened tonight.

I got our engagement photos from December and they are beautiful, perfectly shot and I love them.
I hate me in them, I look like I am pregnant, I have cubby arms, the double chin shadow and a chubby belly. I'm horrified at how I have let myself go.

The photos are gorgeous and I made them into a slideshow with a beautiful song and it made me feel a bit better, but I am determined that the next time Jimmy shoots us on our wedding day I will have lost weight and I will have toned my horrible arms, stomach, chin and thighs.

Anyway that's my own fault and my own demon that I have to overcome and I shouldn't have left it so late. fml.

Jimmy is an excellent and talented photographer and everyone should check him out.

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