Sunday, 12 February 2012

Seedy Sunday

Life is getting hectic again and I have so much to do. Ugh. Crazy.

Friday morning I went to a personal training session with Kelly my ball of love and then on Friday night after the day from hell I went to dinner with my work girls, it was a nice night but I was exhausted so left pretty early.

Saturday morning I went to breakfast with Kelly my ball of love and our other friend. It was deliciously naughty. Then I did some general house stuff and went to a make up trial in Mandurah, the make up artist is amazing and I am so much happier with her then the first lady I had so I'm really thrilled about that.

Then on Saturday night I headed up to NB with some friends and got a little bit tragically boozy.
We had mexican for dinner and drank a lot of carafes full of alcohol, then trudged into the Brass Monkey and had a few more drinks.
I saw Gotye, Oh Gotye, I saw you side glance and me and yes I know, I know, I too want to punch my memory right in the face.
I played awesome basketball with Drew and we pretended to have moustaches, then after going to the Attic with everyone we head to Bar Open where I felt sooooooo happy. They played all punk rock and it was heaven. I was the happiest.
After that we were supposed to head somewhere else but we ended up going to a strip club and I lost my strip club virginity, it was interesting but a lot better than anything i'd ever freaked out about. After that I ran and caught the train home.
 Me kicking Drews bum in basketball… I actually lost by 3 points.
Alexi amazed by my pro basketball playing skills.

 Me at the Brass Monkey totally excited that their bathrooms look like toilets from Hogwarts, old and scaryyy.
 Drew and I with our moustaches.

 Me collecting feathers as I was so sad that I missed seeing the 2 tonnes fall from the sky. Stupid Feathers.
 Me and Alexis gf being cute.

 Pauly Paul and I drinking out of our american college party cups.

 Bar Open = Heaven.

 Huge fan keeping me cool in the sweatbox of bar open

 Dani and I with Punk rock type Cam from Modern Family. He was particularly sweaty.

Today I woke up feeling ok, I'm just shattered and so tired. I went to lunch with Harry Potter and we caught up and now i'm wanting to start packing up the house but it looks like a bomb hit it so it's easier to stay in bed.

I have still got to address all of the new envelopes and fix the invites but i'll be doing that this week and then I also have a lot of TAFE stuff to get into. Life over the next few months is going to be hectic.

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