Friday, 3 February 2012


So, after my Negative Nancy day yesterday I  have managed to slightly pull my overweight self together to try and start again and carry on.

I started by eating healthy today, I had a sensible breakfast (Ham and tomato in a low calorie wrap) lunch was the same, I had a cup of tea and 2L of water. I had another wrap with vegemite for afternoon tea and dinner was 1/3 of a subway salad - the tune freaked me out royal. It went like this, bite 1: delicious, bite 2: om nom, bite 3: so tasty, bite 4: what the feckkkk??? ewwwww. Bite 4 tasted way too 'fishy' so that was it, no more dinner noms for me.

I also decided that my confidence has been way too shot lately, usually i'm pretty out there but the last few weeks I have regressed and it is majorly due to weight. So I got hair extensions put in, it's not much but having longer hair makes me feel much better.

Then when I got home I did a spray tan (well technically I bought a spray tan machine and now make Tallboy spraytan me) but this also helps me feel better.

I will be getting heavily into the gym again in the next few months, I haven't had a confidence issue like this before and when you have a job where you are required to know the facts and talk your employees in the eye you don't have time to hide in a shell.

Tomorrow I'm going to look at wedding band shopping and then I just want to relax but i'll have to re-address a whole pile of envelopes and start trying to pack up this house ready for the move to 'Coco's on Kumar' - I totes just named our house. Then tomorrow night Tallboy and I are dating.

Sunday I might be seeing Harry Potter, was originally for an icecream date but I don't want to cave so might have to reschedule.

Here are some more Engagement shots:

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