Saturday, 4 February 2012

Date night

Today has been a pretty cruisey day for me, I woke up after a sleep in and did 100 sit ups and the quit with the exercise, then Tallboy and I went wedding ring shopping and I found my ring! It's sooo thin and had diamonds along the front of the band and it fits under my solitaire diamond well, I'm so happy, I love it so much and I just want to wear it now! Love it!
Then after that we went to his parents house for lunch, healthy chicken and salad. After that I dropped Tallboy off at his friends house and I did some healthy food shopping.
I came home and vegged out, I didn't do any of the packing or de-clutering I had planned, I sat on my bed, looking at shoes online and emailed Lovechild, I watched cooking shows and addressed a few wedding envelopes.

Then at 5.30 I picked up Tallboy and we went to dinner at outback jacks, I wasn't a fan. I got a salad in an edible bowl, I didn't like it, I had some of TB's steak but I didn't like that either. Then we went to the movies to see 'A few Best Men' I love how wedding movies are coming back in lately (Bridesmaids, a few best men, next will be 'the vow') anyway it's an english movie set in Australia, I really enjoyed it (I love british movies, brigitte jones, love actually, the one with the kid and hugh grant) it was quick whitted and it didn't try too hard, it was easy to watch and the guy that played Tom is highlarious, he reminds me of Ron Weasley (part ranga theory and just part, good acting, quick humour) So that was nice.

We've come home now and TB is playing playstation and I just wrote more envelopes and my hands are sore so I thought i'd blog.

I'm so ready for bed, what a nana!

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