Sunday, 29 July 2012

25 and mid year resolutions

So in order to write this post I really should have looked at what my 'new year resolutions' were first, but I can't be bothered doing that right now. This is just a quick entry.

I turned 25 on Friday, I went to work and was spoilt by Memma, Ball of Love, Doops, all my department, Lois, TallBoy sent me balloons and Love Child was the sweetest sending me wonderful flowers which really moved me. It was a good day, I made a terrible cake without sugar and my coworkers were polite about it. Yay for my baking skills.

That night Tallboy and I had reservations at one of Perth's finest restaurants 'C' restaurant.  I had been quite sick that week so I asked him to cancel it so we could eat chinese food, sit in our track pants and watch bad TV. That is exactly how I spent my 25th birthday night and it was amazing. I really needed it.

Saturday I spent the day with friends and saturday night I caught up with Mortgage 25.

It was a good weekend, today I did nothing. I have come down with a chest infection so I needed a day in bed and on the couch. Sucks that it hasn't quite shifted yet.

So I don't know what's brought on my new focus but as I had been quite down during the week missing my mum and it being so close to a birthday I think I gave myself a bit of a wake up call. I haven't been looking after myself at all. I've been quite reckless with my lifestyle, my body and my choices.

Health has always been something I've been lazy with, completely taken it for-granted and skin care too. I know exactly what time period I gave up on looking after myself, I know exactly when I became depressive and lacked regard for myself. It's been too long and I need to get myself together, I'm 25 now, that's time to officially grow up. Last week I went on a carb and sugar binge and my skin has paid for it and also with getting continuously sick I know I need to get my act together.

So my new focus is to be selfish with what I do, I need to force myself to get into a new routine, with food, body, lifestyle and study. I need to instead of sit on the couch, walk the dogs, take my make up off and fix my chipped nail polish. I need to study at least a few hours every week. & I'm finally going to make myself do it.

I do as I said before currently have a chest infection so instead of hitting the gym hard I will just ensure that I walk the dogs daily until I'm all cleared up.
I'm going to ensure that when I get home from work the first thing I do is take off my make up and do my new skin care regime (Natio Young products are working wonders.)
I will also set up a time frame for each weeknight that I do, do the required study time.

These are things that I'm working on, i'm working on being more positive. I love whinging, I think to me whinging and complaining is a comfort. I have had some terrible things happen in my life, I have had a broken heart for too many years now but I need to grow and try to mend.

I will get there.

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