Sunday, 1 July 2012

The most EPIC weekend of all time

wow that title was a build up wasn't it? Anyway, I was totes kidding, i've had one of the most uneventful weekends on the planet.

On Friday night I came home and made healthy home made pizzas with Tallboy and his best friend. Then I chilled out and just watched youtube.

On Saturday I did some cleaning with Tallboy but I quickly gave up, then I went to the shops to get Balloflove a birthday present, I went to get my hair cut but everywhere was too busy to do it, I went to get my lip pierced but it was too expensive. So I went and bought some wine. Wine is ALWAYS logical. Then I drank some wine and attempted to study which F.Y.I is actually really hard when you don't have a home office, a printer, or a scanner. So I only managed to do 14% but hey at least it's a start. I'm going to try and do an hour each night after work. Then after 5 hours of trying to study and slowly going insane I gave up and went to a BBQ.

Today I got up after the most magical sleep, then I went to lunch with have chat, it was awesome. I came home and was so bored so I decided that I would cut my hair, badddddd idea. I am not a hair dresser, I also put bleach in some parts of my hair, BADDDDDDD IDEAAAAA. I should not touch my hair when I'm bored. ugh so terrible. I'm also having terrible skin and a fat day, so now I look like an acne riddled, fat, teenage boy. Terrible.

So that concludes my most epic weekend ever.

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