Sunday, 1 July 2012

Wildfox why you so expensive?

So I'm doing Birthday online shopping as my gift to myself from Tallboy. So far I have bought some accessories online and I have enough 'Birthday money' left to get a dress or item of clothing. I'm struggling with what to choose. The things I like are terribly expensive and my ever tempremental body image issue currently has me uncertain about what I can / should wear… anyway I stumbled across Wildfox.
Wildfox why you so expensive? Seriously :( wah. $117 for a jumper? I agree it is a gloriously amazing jumper that looks incredible on the model (I'd look so frumpy) and I would definitely only wear this around the house because it looks like an amazingly warm jumper as if you'd walk around with a heater on you. Perfect lounge clothing. I couldn't pull it off wearing it in public.

Anyway I'm trying to find a dress. It's hard shopping online though, I'm very much 'over' buying things online because you can't try them on (I mean you can once purchased, but then returning it and all that, blah, WAY too hard.)

I love the brand finders keepers and I really like this dress but I'm trying to figure out if it'll suit me or not. It pulls it at the waist which would be great at the moment because I've lost a stack of weight from my waist. I am going to have a think about this one :) 

Anyway apart from that I'm starting my no sugar and no carbs lifestyle again tomorrow, I weighed myself yesterday and since the start of the year I've lost 10kg however, I celebrated a bit too much this weekend and ate so much food (extremely bad food) and I didn't do any exercise this weekend. So I need to get back on track, the withdrawal headaches are going to suck. But I'm fairly determined to get back in to the 65-69kg range again. My ultimate goal weight it 65kg and to be able to stay at that weight. Keeping it off is the biggest challenge apparently losing it is the 'easy' part. gahhhhhhh. 

I want to go back to thisssssssss…
Skinny tummy (pre-boob job. naww teeny boobs haha)
small armssss

Cute butt, 1cm 'love handles' yesssss pleaseeeee.

This was only 4 years ago, of courseeee I can lose all my weight in 4 months, it only took 4 years to put it all on, OF course I can lose it quickly (Was totes being sarcastic) 

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