Wednesday, 1 August 2012

updateeee dayyyyy

What a crazy busy week!
Monday night I caught up with H with some work girls as she was back from her swing away, I got to catch up with Mumma Stace too and that was so nice. It was a really nice evening. I basically inhaled my salad for dinner - eating healthy again is harddddd.
On Tuesday night Memma and I decided to go on an impromptu dinner date to a local cafe near her house, the meals were delicious (we had reef on reef with Salad) and the stories we went on about were highlarious. So that was really nice.

Today I had a hectic day at work and I still currently have a headache. Hopefully I get an awesome sleep tonight to sleep it off. After work I had to go and buy a spare tyre for my car, I felt so grown up doing that, how lame.

In regards to the goals I set on sunday night so far I've stepped up in terms of my skin routine and trying to be more productive.
I have failed with dog walking, manicuring nails and study.
Baby steps guys, baby steps.

Tomorrow I finish work at 4pm so I'm hoping to get a whole pile of house stuff sorted.
Friday night I don't have anything planned so I'll try to do a few hours of study.
Saturday I will have a few random things to do and then it's my future sister in laws hens night so I need to choose an outfit for that and myself, lovechild and Memma are meeting her and her friends in the City.
Sunday I'll hopefully get myself together and work on a meal plan.

So that's it for now. Pretty average lifestyle I guess. Just full on, but I'm happy and I love it and I love my Tallboy.

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