Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Update 2394329083094832

So I can't even recall what i've been up to lately. WAY too much.

Nights out clubbing.
Date nights with the boy.
Goodbye dinner / city nights with friends who are going travelling.
Impulsive icecream trips.
Dinner Parties.
Work outs.
House reno planning.
Husband / Wife plans.
& rarely any tears.

Life's been good lately.

Tonight I was discussing wedding songs with my brother for his wedding coming up in two weeks!! It's so exciting, he's getting so excited and it's so cute to see my older brother so happy and so ecstatic about the approaching day. I'll be doing a reading which Im so nervous about, but i'm also doing a speech which is fine. I'm not nervous about the speech, just the reading.

My Pa is coming to stay with us on Thursday night so I'm hoping he'll want to go to dinner and the movies or something. We will wait and see.

My plan to do TAFE at work on my early days has failed as I keep being unable to log in from their system so I'm going to make myself do it on the weekends for a few hours. It really should be something I can do. I just hate how it won't work, at work. :(

This weekend I dont really have plans so I'm hoping to focus a lot on my tafe work and get it sorted out ASAP.

That's about it for now.

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