Thursday, 29 March 2012

less than a month to go

Less than a month until the wedding.
Honestly I have no idea how people can get caught up in this and do it over and over again, No thank you.
I know the day will be worth it and my time with Tallboy will be amazing but I haven't enjoyed much of the planning stages at all. It's actually quite disappointing to look back on it all and to see who has been really selfish about it, who won't be a part of it, to see where we have gone so wrong with our plans and budget, how we didn't prepare properly. I am just so over it. I can't wait to marry tb but the stress is horrific. My skin, lips and hair have gone into meltdown, absolutely terrible.
We have to pay everything off in the next two weeks which should be fine but I still have to finish a complete tafe unit (no motivation)
I have to find shoes for the girls, find jewellery for us all, get ribbon for the cake, arrange the seating plan, find a first dance song, find an entry song, create the run sheet for the MC, get the centre pieces sorted, get a guest book, do a hair trial, get my extensions in, find photoshoot locations, do a final food tasting, create the ceremony flow, find my wedding shoes and a lot more. Unorganised and stressed out and still working out SO hard and not losing ANYYYYY Weight. Fattest bride ever!!!

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