Tuesday, 27 March 2012


I don't understand!!
I have been working out SO hard, I kid you not, SO hard, I have been eating less AND better food, I do 2x  Personal Training sessions a week at 5am in the morning, I do boot camp once a week and I do pole and tone (Pole Dance) classes once a week! All high intensity, all demanding a lot of hard work and STILL no weight loss! How is this happening??? It's not possible for your body to platoe and not lose weight for over 6 weeks. I don't understand at all. I am getting very frustrated and am lacking the motivation required to keep this up.
It's soul destroying. kind of, not really, lil bit. Boooooooooooo!!!!!!!!
I better call my friend Kate Moss and see if she has any charlie for me, Kiddingggggg. Ughhhh If only being a crack whore wouldn't ruin my life, morals, values, gums, nostrils, internal organs and brain, then i'd TOTES be set! FML.

In other news, aside from being a fat bride to be, I have been full on. One month and One day until the wedding!
Had a horrific week last week and fought with Harry Potter, stressed myself out to max, now I have terrible skin, hair and cracked lips. I tried to start my second Unit of Tafe but I failed at doing that, then I slept a lot.
This week has been better, I started doing the seating plan for the wedding, redid the budget for a more structured payment plan and now i'm trying to sort out a time frame for the day - it's not going well.

So that's me for now. over it.

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