Monday, 12 March 2012

I'm not dead

Oh Hai!

So I went MIA for a little while, purely because I was busy with my Tallboy moving into our cuteeeeeeeee little house! OMG I LUFF it! It is the best. We have finally got our bed suite and fridge, I am going to start on a wall collage across from our kitchen in a few months or whenever I actually have a spare few hours. I've already framed all the pictures I like but I rushed them all and stuck them up all narrow and uneven so will do it again later. Might add a bit more colour too. I am SO happy in this house. I just can not explain how much I love it. Hopefully next year we can paint it with a new coat of paint and get the floors redone - Can't wait for that.

Apart from that I have arranged more for the wedding, booked a make up artist, got a decoration meeting this wednesday and am going for a food tasting with TB on Thursday night.

I'm also working out heaps, haven't lost ANY weight though :( I now do personal training twice a week, bootcamp once a week and pole and tone class once a week. I have the pole class tonight at 8pm worst time ever. blah. I might have to start going back to the gym in the mornings aswell just to kick the metabolisim into fat burn mode.

I've started my first Tafe unit and have to just check it over and do a project and then I can submit it for review. Hopefully I've understood it correctly. Then I think I'll have to get the second unit done but I emailed the lecturer for clarification today so hopefully I can figure it out soon.

Life update - Life has been pretty good lately. This weekend on Friday Night I went out with Partner and Love Child with two other friends. It was an amazing night!! As I was the only engaged one out of the girls and all the others were single it was decided that I was to be the 'Wingman' - I did so good that I should be referred to as Stinston from now on.

We first went to the Mustang Bar and I went to get a drink and met two UK men, they were lovely, very attractive and friendly. After a few minutes of chatting, a cheeky shot and my amazing skills I got two of the girls introduced and then the rest of the time at the mustang bar was spent with them having a fabulous time with a lot of cheeky pashes.

Our next venue was The Shed, in there we just went to dance but when on the dance floor ran into two other guys, who I kept asking if they were riggers and needed a job - Might aswell help FGL out aswell as my girls. Then the other girls had a cheeky dance and pash with them. Later on in the Shed, Partner fell over and I had to swap my flats for her wedges but I was willing to do that in the name of friendship and then we trudged onto the next place.

It was after 2am at this stage and the Deen was closed or maybe it was lock out and the only next place we found open was Black Betties so we went there and the guys from the Shed followed, Love Child danced with the one called Ollie, while I think Partner just argued or was annoyed with the other one called Jeremy, after about an hour in Black Betties (oh we lost our other two friends on the way there some how) anyway we headed home after that, by the time we got to the train station it was 2 minutes until the last train home left (4am) we decided that we wouldn't run for it, then with 1 minutes to go we decided to sprint.

We ran and ran and ran and then luckily made it onto the train home with honestly 20 seconds to spare. We got home at about 5.30 after walking from the train station to Partners and then we went and got a maccas breakfast. We laughed so much and had a sleep over with Partners mum (As we woke her up) and then we passed out.

It was honestly the best night that I've had in a long time. I really hope we all do it again soon.

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