Friday, 25 November 2011


I am royally pissed off. Why am I so technically challenged!?! I'm so dumb! So, the last month or so (at least) I had set up for $300 a pay to go into another savings account with a different bank, but for some reason each time it's failed and I HAVEN'T NOTICED! So I've spent the money I thought I'd been saving! I'd been saving for when Tallboy and I get a house, I'd been saving for Christmas, Emergencies and for sometimes 'me' presents…. or at least I thought I'd been saving. What a douche'! :(
So pissed off, so I've been living pay cheque to pay cheque thinking it was worth the saving when really i've just dwindled it away on living expenses. FML.


In other news, I've been slack with blogging as you can tell. I will update with photos more often when I'm not so busy. My life is too hectic at the moment. Great and fabulous, but hectic, very hectic.

Quick update - Love life is great, Tallboy is great, my friendships are great and my work is getting SO much better as I'll be moving into H.R soon. Just need to get my body and work out regime back on track and my budget under control and I can happily continue to glide through it all.

So my plan is to get blogging properly again soon, I'm very time poor. I want more photos, more wedding updates (although majority of it is done), more adventures and stories of what's going on.

So far tonight was an amazing date night, Tallboy and I went out to dinner at an italian restaurant by the beach, we shared a pizza and pasta (carboverdose) then we went to the movies to watch 'The Inbetweeners' was extremely funny.

Tomorrow I was going to do some christmas shopping but just checked my account so can't anymore. Tomorrow night I am going out to Harry Potters house warming and then we are going clubbing, I can't wait to get dressed up and hang out with her (I have allowed myself half of what is left in my bank account for tomorrow night, fingers crossed I don't use it all).

Sunday I am going to just be homely and potter around hungover doing washing and then I'll probably end up recovering on the couch.

Then on Tuesday night, Harry, Memma, myself and my other best friend are going out to dinner in Fremantle.
On Thursday night, the HR and Billing team from work are going out to a work dinner to say goodbye to Mamma (our wonderful prego friend).
Then on Friday night Tallboy and I are going to Perth with some work friends for dinner and drinks.
Then on the Sunday I have Mamma's baby shower!
SO Busyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

I will have to start taking lots more photos!

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