Saturday, 12 November 2011

Exhaustion strikes again

I have no idea why I am so exhausted lately but earlier this week I made the decision that this weekend I was not going to be doing much. Since 3pm I have been home and I am having a fantastic time! I'm home alone, I've chilled out in bed messaging friends, i've washed blow dried and straightened my hair, put a face treatment on. I even put on fake eyelashes just because! Now I'm currently relaxing watching foxtel AND my housemate (TB's cousin) is bringing me pasta cup for dinner! Winning!

I do feel that I will be crashing fairly early, I am so tired. Today I went shopping with a friend, it was exhausting, I have now realised that I much prefer online shopping, it's cheaper, the deliver it to you and it's like coming home to presents that you've already paid for but forgot all about! I LOVE it.

Life lately has been SO good, I'm so happy in my relationship, i'm utterly head over heels for my blue eyed giant. Work is hopefully getting better and even if it doesn't i'll have 10 days off in December. Friendships are good, I'm finally not being phased as much as I used too and out of the 2.5 kg I gained I have lost about 700grams in the last week or so from being healthier and pushing myself harder at the gym.

Things are looking up :)

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