Tuesday, 15 November 2011

blog, blog, blog

Man, I am going to pass out. I'm such a nana, but that's ok because nana's like me are super cool.

I went on a last minute date again with my work-bestfriend Memma, went to the same old indian restaurant , ordered straight away and ate too much as usual. Today was a good day at work, we just talked about how we sort of new each other when we first started but were too scared to talk to each other for about two weeks - we're so cool like that.

I think I had a point to this blog entry but i've forgotten it, being a nana and all, it's also past 9.30pm (it's 9.32pm - hard coreeeeee) so that's my excuse.

I got paid today, loves it! I love pay day. I bought new extensions and a hooters shirt, my hens night theme is a hooter girls party where my friends can all dress up in the Hooter girls uniform. Anyone who doesnt want to get fully dressed up will be asked to either wear the tank top or i'll make a pile of Orange Sashes that say something like 'Hooter Girl's Hen's Party' or something. I think it'll be cute. I'm excited for it. Just need to see a dietician and exercise more and maybe I can look like one for the party….

yeahhhh keep dreaming.

Ok nightttttttt zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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