Thursday, 7 July 2011


So as I mentioned before I suck at being engaged, I have no desire to look at any wedding locations at the moment. I'm over it. Looking at wedding blogs set a really unrealistic image in my head of what I want. Tap onto that the fact that we don't even have any money saved and all other stressful factors it's just too much at the moment. 

So just go and check out my photographer again, his photos make me happy -

So whatevs, no wedding stuff. Learn some stuff about me -

I'm different / I'm predictable / I'm a bit of a rogue and always have been / I think I'm the funniest person ever / I sing in my car / I'm not a good singer / I sing lyrics wrong and think it's cool / I am not fun to be with at fun parks / I always try to fight for what I want but sometimes I have to let go and let things fall into place without my grasp / I would love to be a writer / I miss my mum every day / I need another tattoo / I love spray tans and hate that I am not naturally tanned / I need to lose weight but prefer eating to exercising / Nothing beats the times i've had at warnbro beach / I miss the hot fries from America / Punk Rock is my weakness / Drawing people without faces is easier that drawing just faces / Sometimes I wish I could live alone / Sometimes I wish I had a sister / I'm starting to get over materialistic things / I am trying my hardest to be like I used to be / I can't wait to marry TB but it's just easier to procrastinate.

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