Thursday, 21 July 2011

Our Venue Hunt & New Catering Update

Ok so this weekend TB and I went down to Marg River and our sole mission was to find a wedding venue. We had a lovely meal at the Settlers Tavern down there that has the best food ever and we went to our hotel room - dodgy, very poor taste but it was only for one night... the heater didn't work lol. It was terrible. So due to the terrible nature of our room and poor tv channels TB and I bought a $4 board game (a rip off of connect 4) and played that for a while.
Also here are two photos of my ring. I love it. It's perfect for me. 

I love it. But I love zee boy more. 

Anywho, we woke up and got ready I wore TB scarf from London and took photos of us in the shadows from the late winter sun...
My shadow is the frumpiest... anywayyyyyyyyy and then we made our grand adventure to Casa Del Franco or should I sayyyy Casa-del-shithole? 
Definitely nothing like the website and we were told we could check it out but there were guests staying there, soooo awkward. 
We then had a mini breakdown (me freaking out ) as TB absentmindedly said 'nah it doesn't look too bad hey?' - UM NO TB! Yes so after that we went past Gilgara and I have to say it looked 100 times better than at the start of the year all of the lawns were perfectly green and lush but it it still wasn't a location that I wanted for 'our special day' so then we went on to look at Erravilla.
It is perfect! It's exactly what we had envisioned! 
It's perfect it is affordable and on a great property, we can have a bush wedding ceremony and then have everyone in the paddock or back field for the reception! So exciting! 

Anyway so that was a huge relief off of our shoulders (or mine) and then I got so excited as per previous entry about the food and stuff like that. So today I had the day off to do wedding stuff... until of course the universe started to hate on me again and ruined my day. My day plans were - relax, sleep in, call caterers and then discuss with TB all options, then do further wedding research, clean the house, make a great dinner and see a friend or continue to relax. Of course my day turned out like this, shocking nights sleep, up and down about 3 times, slept in until 9am, called two of my front running caterers found out that they don't travel to our location, cried, sulked, hated on weddings, wanted to punch an idiot in the face, spoke to the future mother in law who tried to make things better, watched tv, sulked, showered, washed my hair, bought a banana milk shake, posted some ebay items, paid some bills, cleaned kitchens while sulking, washed clothes, sulked, went back to bed sulked, hung out washing, spoke to Mother in law again and found out the price of our budget already 5k over, facepalmed myself and decided f it, it's just food, you're getting a spitroast buffet, you don't like it, then starve. Sulked a bit more, laughed with the M-I-L about everyone having a roast (wow so fancy), sulked, got over it, went back to bed, and now here I am.

In other news 


It's from 500 days of summer and when TB and I were in Paris our contiki leader played it and he played it again the next day when I asked him too and he's someone that didn't do requests but he did it. Ohhh Pari - City of Love, city of cobblestone streets and black nigerian men that I rip off to buy metal Eiffel Towers, how I miss you! 
Que tu m'aimais encore, me l'a-t-on vraiment dit...
Que tu m'aimais encore, serait-ce possible alors ?

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