Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Ok I lied.

Ok I will do a little post tonight about wedding stuff:

Ok I love food, I am a binge eater without reason. I love to eat bad, unhealthy food and i'm not really into healthy alternatives. I am overweight (I am 'planning' on changing that) and I want our wedding to have great food. However, if you want great food at a wedding it will cost you.
I never ever, ever wanted a buffet at my wedding I was always 100% on having a set sit down menu... that was until I saw the price. Most places are $75+ for guests per menu. It's just not realistic for people on a budget.

I have narrowed it to either Buffet or Cocktail food.

I have actually really enjoyed looking around at different packages to see what is on offer so here are the ones i've found all the costs are estimated to feed about 140 guests.

In order of what I am liking (due to budget) favourite to least favourite.

  1. Spit roast buffet - $1673
Includes - two hot meats, jacket potato, bread and butter mini rolls, coleslaw, potato salad, garden salad, rice salad and pasta salad.

2. Set Menu (Cheapest one i've found!! @28.00 pp - too good to be true??) total $3920.00
Includes - soup (pumpkin, potato and leek or minestone) main beef, lamb or pork dessert pavola, apple struddle or creme caramel.

3. Cocktail - Various menus
Starter pack - each person gets 5 pieces of food - $1050
Classic pack - 9 pieces of food - $1400
Premium pack - 10 pieces - $1750
Deluxe pack - $2100
Banquet Pack - $2520

GOURMET COCKTAIL FOOD (Has wicked looking mini hamburgers hehe)
6 items of food per guest $2100
8 items $2660
10 items $3080
12 items $3500
15 items $4200

4. BBQ Buffet style Standard $2800
includes - beef burgers with salad and fresh rolls, vegetarian burgers, beef and pork sausages and chicken kebabs.

Premium $3500
Beef burgers, vege burgers, beef sausages, satay chicken kebabs and chicken wings.

Gourmet - $4200
cocktail prawns, chicken wings, lamb cutlets, barramundi skewers, porterhouse steak, kebabs, scallops.

5. Another cocktail menu by another company that I really like the sound of (hate the price)
9 Fancy Items of food, 3 staff and 3 chefs - $7225.00
Includes: Prawns and peanut and hoisin dip.
haloumi & zucchini fritters with tomato and red pepper relish
Beef skewers with rosemary and garlic aoili
bbq venison chipalata dogs with spicy organic relish
porchini mushroom and goats cheese risotto balls
prawn paella balls with smoky praprikka and lemon aoili
beef burgers with mizuna and onion jam
organic linguine with tiger prawns chilli, lemon and rocket pesto
sweet platter with rocky roaad, coconut cake, cranberry pistachio nougat
lemon curd and vanilla cream tartlets.

6. Then another company which does platters ranging in prices - 40 platters - $3600

So those are currently our options.
 1, 2 and 5 are my current favourites.

I like 1 because of it's price, there are normal food that majority of the guests will like and if we spend less on the food it means I can get the white wooden gladiator chairs that I like that cost more. I like 2 because for a set menu it's the cheapest I have found and would still make me feel like we were getting what i've originally really wanted and i like 5 because everything sounds like it would be very fancy and 'up market' can't afford it all though.

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