Monday, 4 July 2011

The Proposal

So I've decided to let everyone know how I got proposed to.
Last year in December TB and I planned a trip around Europe and a few states of America.
We were on Contiki in Europe and then were meant to follow this with 9 days in New York, 3 Days in Vegas and, 2 Days in Orlando and 2 days in Vegas.

On our last day of contiki we had one night's stay in London and then we were due to fly out to New York for 9 days there to spend our Christmas there. However, due to our awesomeness London and Heathrow in particular wanted us to stay sooooo bad that it had a big freeze and ruined our 9 days in New York. We ended up stranded in Heathrow for an additional 7 days. We were actually on the flight to New York on the day we were due to fly out. We were on it for four hours in the terminal grounded, then we were kicked off, and told that staff would help us, we went back into the Airport and staff were very unhelpful, it went into melt down because there were thousands of people basically stranded. It took us 4 hours to get our bags, then 3 hours to get to a hotel in the middle of no where. Then we had to spend 3 days in the middle of no where as we'd spent all of our pounds and euro's and the only atm in town wouldn't accept my card to get money out of it. Finally we managed to get a taxi that accepted credit card payments and after 3 days we were finally able to book another flight (as they all kept getting delayed) for 3 days after that. So we got out of the middle of nowhere place and spend 3 days in London. Thennnnn we finally flew into New York on the 23rd of December 2010. 

We spent Christmas Eve hanging out in Times Square. I bought TB an expensive watch that he chose for his christmas gift and when we got back to our hotel he said he was going to get me a christmas present that he saw in a shop.  So I stayed in our hotel and watch Jersey Shore until he returned an hour and a half later. After that I said he'd been gone a while but he fobbed it off and I wasn't too concerned. He had also said that as we were away from our family we would go out for dinner to a nice place. 

So we ended up going to dinner at a place called 'Benjamin's' it was a extremely fancy steak house where the celebrities go to eat due to the exclusive nature of the restaurant. When we walked it we were greeted by staff and they took our coats for the coat room and we were shown to our table, pristine white table cloths with dim lighting and candles. 

While we were waiting for our meal I was talking to TB to see if we would extend our trip and go back to NY and he was being really weird, he wasn't talking much and I was thinking 'man what is with him tonight' so then I went to grab some bread from the basket an he grabbed the bread and put it down and said lets wait for our main, so again I tried to converse with him and still wasn't getting anywhere, so I reached for the bread again and he again sort of made me put it down and then he started to say something like 'So I have been thinking…' and then he pulled out this ring, this ring with a massive rock, this ring that means he's serious and in my head I started to freak out and I think I missed some of what he said as I went into panic mode and then I zoned back in 'will you marry me?' and all I could say was 'What is that? what are you doing? Are you serious? omg what is that? what are you doing? are you serious? about 50 times. His hand was shaking and then he had to get my focus back again 'well will you?' he said. I was so shocked, I wanted to be sick and pass out and cry, I didn't expect anything like this, I thought we were years away from getting engaged. I finally said 'yes' after what must have been about 10 seconds but would have felt like 10 years to TB. He was still so shocked that I had to go and kiss him. 

It was honestly a beautiful and honest proposal. We are both such private people and it must have been driving him crazy, I think he wanted to wait until after Dinner to propose but he was so nervous he had to blurt it out. I was just so surprised it was insane. 

I was shocked for seriously about 2 days before it really sunk in and I could really relish in the amazing feeling of being engaged. I've found out I'm not a fan of surprises. 

So after he proposed it made a lot of sense, during being stranded in London, he was freaking out about getting to NY and that was because he designed the ring and had to pick it up from NY and he wanted to propose in NY and if we were delayed longer he'd have to figure out how to get it, then he had to tell me he was getting me a christmas present and go halfway across town to find the lady who had the ring. Poor guy. haha.

I love my ring it's classically beautiful but it's not about the ring it's about the guy you marry and I seriously have got the best giant going around.

I mean come on, i'm marrying a guy who loves butterbeer!

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