Sunday, 3 July 2011

oh so jel

I had a moment yesterday where I became almost ecstatic about being married, I don't know what came over me but I became really excited and just wanted to be getting married next week with everything sorted - That feeling has faded :( but hopefully it will come back.

I have no new wedding updates. Mainly because I'm procrastinating, it shouldn't just be 'my' job to do all of the research. It annoys me how everyone fobs it off and just goes 'Oh of course the groom isn't going to do anything, it's the brides day.' You know what? Shutttt upppp. It's annoying. Instead of saying that why don't you encourage the groom to help! Or help me yourself or just go and walk away into a corner and talk to the wall anything other than saying that line, it irritates me. Good, I'm glad I got that out.

Now to talk about what i'm 'oh so jel' about... The most beautiful wedding in the worldddd. *sigh* a girl I went to school with, let's call her Bambi, well Bambi got married a few months ago and her photo's are finally on fb. I wasn't great friends with Bambi in school, I always thought she was awesome but she was popular and I wasn't - even though I'm totes highlarious *pish* oh high school and it's dynamics how tragic... anyway so we weren't really friends but she's a cool person. Her wedding photos are AMAZING. She looked absolutely stunning (never hurts when you're a size 6-8 and naturally have dark skin) she just looked amazingly gorgeous like model magazine, wedding blog perfect! All of the Groomsmen and the Groom scrubbed up like male models hired just to pose for the photos and the venue was set up so elegantly. I am officially a little green eyed with jealousy.

Looking at her photos made me fairly clear on two points that I had been thinking in my head i'd be having D.I.Y.
- I need to hire a make up artist. I thought I could do it myself but there is no way i'll be able to make it flawless for the whole day and night and the high flash volume of the cameras. I need a professional to match it to my spray tan and ensure I don't look washed out or get panda eyes.
- I need to get bouquets made by a florist, prior to seeing Bambi's bouquets I'd never been interested in getting any, I had fooled myself into thinking that i'd go to a florist and buy 5 different bunches and then just cut them and tie them up myself - it would never work. Bambi's were crispy white flowers with green ferns, leaves and stems, the sharpness of the green just made the white so stunning. 
Ugh soooo beautiful. 

My biggest fear ever is a tacky wedding. I'm so worried that it's going to be tacky and I just don't know how I'm going to ensure that it doesn't turn out that way. I'm not a good designer or decorator. I just don't want a wedding fail. :( 


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