Monday, 8 October 2012

My Olsen Twins Wedding

OMG you guys! It's finally happened, Memma is OFF the Market.
Captain Planet finally proposed to her, in a plane no doubt, pfft of course he'd do it in a plane, he's got to be in the sky being Captain Planet and all.

Congratulations Memma, you are going to be the most stunning bride & i'm going to be crying like crazy.

Memma got engaged on saturday and its only Monday night now and we've probably texted each other about 8 million messages, pictures of rings (Memma get's to choose or make her own - lucky thing) & we have be researching venues like crazy.

I'm so happy for her & I'm actually really excited to be able to help plan a wedding that isn't mine. SO much more fun that way.

:) :)

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