Sunday, 21 October 2012

My book

So I've started writing my book. I have no depth to it. It has no storyline so far, but I have to say it makes me feel better.

here's a little bit:

He looked at me, it was such a caring and gentle gaze, he kindly brushed some stray hairs out of my face and before I knew it I had pushed myself into him, I kissed his face, his stubble grazed my face, I interlocked my mouth with his and to my surprise he was kissing me back, it was soft and passionate. I mirrored his actions and I latched onto the bottom of his lip giving it a gentle tug. I continued kissing him I couldn’t help myself and my hands were running through his hair. I felt as though I had been connected to him for hours but it had only been a few minutes until the drunken embrace was broken. My stomach was looping and I was euphoric, feeling some many emotions that I hadn’t felt for so long.


P.s my book isn't going to be a 50 shades of grey or a twilight, it's not sadistic, it's not pornographic. It's just something that I want to create for myself, something that has a happy ending.

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