Monday, 26 November 2012

The YoYo Dieter Strikes Again.

So I'm back at my old tricks, losing weight being happy and satisfied with the weight loss and then binge my heart out until I gain it all back. *sigh* when will I learn.

I am only 5kg away from being at my heaviest again so, once again, I have restricted myself to trying to change my lifestyle…again. Nothing like try number 83478322001328920100000000, at least I keep trying.

So I am back to having limited carbs and sugars.

DAY 1 in the life of limited sugars and carbs.

6am wake up & walked the dogs
7am had fruit, natural yoghurt and a tbs of strawberry yoghurt to mix in.
8.30am work
11.00am had an apple and a half a cup of tea
12.00pm had lunch - greensalad, raw mushrooms, skinny cow piece of cheese and quiche (got to have protein)
1pm - die of hunger
2pm - die of hunger
3pm - die of hunger
4pm - half a cup of tea
5pm - Drive home
5.30pm - Make a thai green curry with tons of vege for lunches
6pm - walk dogs again
6.45pm - get home again
7.00pm - make dinner, pan fried chicken with mushroom and garlic sauce and salad
8.00pm - spend time with husband
9.00pm - finish tafe
9.23pm - Start getting the sugar and carb headache withdrawals.

At least I know that I need to be more prepared when it comes to snacks. I just struggle to find things to eat that aren't carbs or sugar. I'll have to make my snacks protein based again.

I'll keep progress of how I'm going, but my history shows that I always do this, lose motivation and give up. Yay for me.

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